2020 Napa Pain Conference - ePosters & Abstracts

2020 Napa Pain Conference - ePosters & Abstracts

Publication Date: August 15, 2020


Download the 2020 Napa Pain Conference ePosters and Abstracts

Innovation is one of our virtues. Since 1990, the Napa Pain Conference has been a resource to share and advance the latest in pain management. It was critical to us to find a way to continue this legacy in spite of current challenges.

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Peter Staats
12/4/20 6:22 pm

Gotta check out Brian McClean abstract on PTSD GO Brian

Brian McLean
12/4/20 6:23 pm


Richard Weiner
12/4/20 6:24 pm

saw that, Peter. have done some myself with encouraging results

Erika Petersen
12/4/20 6:25 pm

Shout out to Diabetic Neuropathy! We have a poster here using 10kHz SCS for PDN. Please check it out!

Lesley Walsh
12/4/20 6:25 pm

Brian, that's for presenting that! i have been doing these as well with great results!

Richard Boortz-Marx
12/4/20 6:27 pm

Peter and Rick - likewise with regard to experience with SGB in treatment of PTSD

Peter Staats
12/4/20 6:28 pm

Erika's poster is awesome!!! check it out

Erika Petersen
12/4/20 6:29 pm

Thank you Peter Staats!

Vin Tormo
12/4/20 6:46 pm

Agreed - great poster on Diabetic Neuropathy Dr Peterson

Erika Petersen
12/4/20 6:49 pm

Thank you VT for checking out my PDN SCS poster!