Ela B. Plow PhD, PT

Assistant Professor, Lerner College of Medicine, Cleveland FES Center

Ela B. Plow, PhD, PT's laboratory research includes brain stimulation, motor control, neuroimaging, clinical neuroscience and rehabilitation.

Her lab has, thus far, focused on utilizing functional neuroimaging to discern substrates of movement control and movement relearning-related plasticity in the healthy vs. post-stroke brain to draw upon their significance for rehabilitation. Furthermore, using noninvasive brain stimulation, including transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), we have explored ways to harness plasticity within implicated substrates to promote recovery in stoke.

Currently, Dr. Plow's lab portfolio includes:

  • Understanding of normal aging- and disease-related neurodegenerative markers, particularly those affecting motor networks of the brain associated with movement dysfunction, using TMS
  • Modifying activity of motor networks to “stall” or alleviate neurodegenerative effects, in turn improving movement control with rehabilitation and training
  • Investigating whether neural substrates associated with training and rehabilitation can be modified adaptively using neuromodulation to supplement therapeutic benefit

We are addressing these questions across federally funded through the Clinical and Translational Collaborative of Cleveland and several Private Foundation Research grants.


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