Dr. Jeffrey S. Wang MD

Owner, Honolulu Pain Management Clinic, LLC

Jeffrey S. Wang, MD graduated from Texas A&M University College of Medicine and did a transitional internship at University of Hawai’i John A. Burns School of Medicine, followed by an anesthesiology residency at University of Miami. He completed his training with a fellowship in pain management at State University of New York in Syracuse.

Dr. Wang has 21 years of experience in pain management and is board certified in anesthesiology with subspecialty board certification in pain management. Dr. Wang serves on several boards including: Hawai’i Society of Pain Physicians, Hawai’i Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, Hawai’i Historic Arms Association, and Military Vehicles of the Pacific. He is a member of American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, International Association for Study of Pain, and Spine Intervention Society.

Dr. Wang established the Honolulu Pain Management Clinic, LLC in 1996, as a multidisciplinary way to deliver comprehensive care aimed at providing the best possible outcome for the physical and psychosocial needs of patients. It is the only multidisciplinary pain management clinic in Hawaii that is staffed with fellowship trained physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, a medical psychologist, and a physical therapist. The Clinic offers some of the most advanced treatment options available for pain management in a supportive and compassionate environment.


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