Dr. Peter Staats MD, MBA, FIPP

Chief Medical Officer, National Spine & Pain Centers

Peter Staats, MD, MBA is an American physician, educator, author, inventor and clinical researcher, specializing in interventional pain medicine. He was the founder of the Division of Pain Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1994 and served as its director for 10 years. He has trained fellows and residents from around the world in the areas of pain management and neuromodulation and is past President of the North American Neuromodulation Society, the American Society of Interventional Pain physicians, the NJ society of interventional pain physicians, and the southern pain societies.

He is currently chair of the board of examination of the World Institute of Pain, chief medical officer of National Spine and Pain Centers, the largest pain practice in the US.

Dr. Staats has written or co-authored 10 books and over 300 articles book chapters and abstracts on the science and clinical practice of interventional pain medicine.