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All memberships are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

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The Cancer Pain Research Consortium (CPRC) differentiates itself from other organizations, like medical societies, through its unique mission, goals, and function. Medical societies generally seek large membership bases whose dues support the administration of the organization, and that advocate for issues publicly and at the legislative level.

Unlike medical societies, the membership of the CPRC will be charged to actively participate in the organization's initiatives. These initiatives include the following:

  1. Educate and set standards for healthcare providers in the best practices of cancer pain management
  2. Coordinate the conduct of clinical trials that evaluate and improve cancer pain control

The CPRC membership base must be able to contribute to the mission and initiatives of the organization. The term consortium, rather than society, denotes a goal-oriented, outcomes-based organization rather than a group distinguished by mutual interests.


The objectives of the Consortium and our members are to:

  • educate health providers and other community stakeholders that cancer pain is an under-recognized yet avoidable health problem, and that lack of awareness or limited access deprives patients of optimal care and may impact survival;
  • provide and direct research and expert opinion and to collect, aggregate and interpret all data related to the relief of cancer-related pain, and to disseminate this information as best practices;
  • develop guidelines and standards of care that are evidence-based and patient-centered for all forms of distress associated with cancer-related pain, and to change these periodically as new information, problems and therapies emerge;
  • educate and enlighten our society in hopes of overcoming the existing barriers to care, and to ensure access to appropriate cancer pain care regardless of financial or geographical situation;
  • abolish fear of cancer-related pain for future generations, similar to the contemporary standards of care and best practices for labor pain relief and postoperative analgesia.

As an interdisciplinary consortium, we will accomplish this through our caring, commitment, inquiry, and the exchange of knowledge, for the benefit of our patients, their families, and all cancer sufferers and survivors.

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All memberships are subject to approval of the Board of Directors.