Agenda at a Glance

Under Development; Subject to change

Pre-Conference Specialty Days

Aug. 18 | Thursday | Separate Registration

Evidence-Based Regenerative Medicine9th Cancer Pain Meeting

29th Napa Pain Conference

Aug. 19 | Friday

7:30 am | No CME Welcome
7:45 am | No CME 10th Annual Lindahl Lecture

Katalin Karikó, PhD
co-inventor of the modified mrna technology used in vaccines to prevent COVID-19 infection

8:45 am | No CME Break
9:00 am Q&A with Katalin Karikó    | No CME

Moderated by; Elizabeth H. Blackburn, PhD

Vertebrogenic Back Pain

The Vertebral End Plate in Low Back Pain
Diagnosing Vertebrogenic Back Pain
Basivertebral Nerve Ablation

Patient Assessment & Management

Physiatrists Approach to Physical Exam
When to Refer to Surgery
Where Minimally Invasive Procedures Fall within Diagnosis & Treatment Algorithms

10:30 am | No CME Break
11:00 am Oral Abstracts    | No CME

the top-scoring abstracts as oral posters with Q&A

Headache Medicine 2022

Medical Management


IV Lidocaine
Etomidate & Propofol

12:30 pm | No CME Lunch with Sponsored Presentation
1:45 pm Emerging Neuroscience of Pain & Analgesia
Neural Systems Underlying Placebo Analgesia
Mechanisms of Plastic changes in Pre-synaptic NMDA Receptors
within the Superficial Dorsal Horn
The Relationship Between Catastrophizing & Altered Pain Sensitivity
Interventional Approaches to Major Joint Pain
Neuroanatomy: 3d Body Maps, safe Access Points, & Mitigating Risk for Interventional Procedures
Knee: Blocks & Radiofrequency Ablation
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

SI Joint Procedures

Palliative & End‑of‑Life Care
Hallmarks of Effective Palliative Care that Improve Quality of Life
De-prescribing: When, Why, & Getting Patient Buy-in
A Practical Approach to Non-medical Opioid Use in Palliative Care Patients
3:45 pm | No CME Break
4:15 pm How to Get Involved in Clinical Research | No CME
NIH-Funded projects
Investigator-initiated Studies
Industry-sponsored Research
Clinic Operations
Publishing the Results
Intrathecal Drug Delivery
Converting Oral to Intrathecal Dosing
Ventral vs. Dorsal Catheter Tip Placement
Bolus vs. Continuous Administration
5:45 pm End of Day 1

Aug. 20 | Saturday

7:30 am | No CME Welcome
7:45 am 8th Annual Legacy Lecture
8:45 am | No CME Break
9:00 am Pain & Long COVID
Nervous System Consequences of COVID-19
Managing Pain Symptoms & Recovery
10:30 am | No CME Break
11:00 am Post-operation Pain
Buprenorphine Management in the Perioperative Period
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery
Opioid Management
Neuromodulation 1: Waveforms & Mechanisms

Effective & Accessible Psychological Treatments for Chronic Back Pain
12:30 pm | No CME Lunch with Sponsored Presentation
1:45 pm Understanding Your Patients: Emerging Phenotypes
Resilience & Recovery
How Does Aging Affect Pain, & Vice Versa?
Environmental Factors that Influence Epigenetic Age Predictors of Pain-Related Conditions
Digital Phenotyping
Neuromodulation 2: Targets & Applications

PNS & SCS for Chronic Extremity Pain
The Office of Inspector general investigation into Neurostimulator Implantation Surgeries: Prepare for Your Audit & Compliance with Medicare Requirements
Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy

Challenges in Chronic Opioid Therapy

The Critical Importance of Patient Expectations & Agency in Opioid Tapering
>Chronic Pain, Opioids, & Sleep Architecture

3:45 pm | No CME Break
4:15 pm Sexual Dimorphism in Pain Processing & Treatment
What Naloxone Reveals About Gender Differences in Analgesia

Sexual Dimorphism in a Neuronal Mechanism of Spinal Hyperexcitability

Interventional Techniques: Spinal Stenosis & Degenerative Disc Disease Clinical Indications & Effective Uses of Non-opioid

5:45 pm Reception with Music, Wine & Napa Flair

Aug. 21 | Sunday

7:30 am | No CME Welcome
7:45 am The Art, Science, & Importance of Building Strong Clinician/Patient Relationships
Developing Trust & Engagement, the Clinical Approach
Neuroscience Reveals Neurobiological & Behavioral Mechanisms
to Improve Clinical Care
The Patient Perspective: What Creates a Powerful Clinical Relationship that Drives Improvement?
9:45 am | No CME Break
10:00 am A Physician, a Psychologist, and a Physical Therapist Look at a Stim Candidate...[Case reviews & Panel]
12:00 pm End Day 3