The 26th Napa Pain Conference

August 26-29, 2019 | Napa, CA

Professional Evolution

In 1990, Dr. Eric Grigsby founded the Napa Pain Conference (NPC) to support the burgeoning specialty of pain medicine with an eye towards growth and innovation. That spirit is in the DNA of the conference, inspiring the education you’ll receive in the coming days. 

No other conference works harder to cultivate such an amazing, multidisciplinary faculty of clinicians, researchers, industry leaders and policy makers. It is our honor and privilege to collaborate with each of them. If a lecture changes the way you’ll practice, take a moment to tell them - we’re sure they’d like to hear it; they’ve all work so hard on their presentations. 

While many meetings have been shrinking, NPC is growing year over year. Thank you for being a part of this community. We hope you feel at home at the conference, reuniting with old friends or forging new connections. 

Welcome to the Napa Pain Conference.
We made this for you, and we hope that you love it.

The team at Neurovations Education