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29th Napa Pain Conference Posters

Safety and Efficacy of Dynamic Interferential Spinal Cord Stimulation System for Pain Relief: First-in-Human Trial


Interferential current (IFC) is a form of therapeutic stimulation in which the interaction of two separate high-frequency sinusoidal electric circuits creates a third frequency, the "Beat Frequency". IFC can be dynamically amplitude-modulated and steered into fields within the target tissue.

SCS candidates with predominant back pain of ≥5 NRS underwent a 4-5 day external trial according to standard clinical practice. Stimulation was then ceased for 24-48 hours to allow treatment effects to wash out. The external IFC SCS stimulator was then attached to the same leads, and subjects completed a 3-4-day trial.

17 subjects completed the study, back pain was reduced from 7.0 to 2.6 (63%) during the commercial trial and from 5.6 to 2.6 (54%) during the IFC trial. Leg and overall pain had similar trends. 95% of subjects expressed satisfaction with IFC stimulation and 82% would use it again.

IFC SCS is a promising, safe and effective treatment for chronic pain. Future research will be needed to investigate its role among SCS options.


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