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29th Napa Pain Conference Posters

Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Spinal Cord Stimulation Outcomes using Fast-Acting Sub-Perception Therapy (FAST) for Chronic Pain



Cycling of Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)-based neurostimulation may prevent the development of neural tolerance and enable greater control of the dose of electrical energy delivered to neural tissues.1, 2 Fast-Acting Sub-Perception Therapy (FAST) is a novel SCS-based approach that can provide pain relief within minutes of initial activation without need for paresthesia in order to achieve clinically-meaningful analgesia.3 In this clinical evaluation, SCS-implanted patients using FAST underwent various cycling settings and reported their overall pain scores, sleep quality, and preference. With use of FAST-based cycling (50% or 25% duty cycle), lower energy consumption and equivalent pain relief was noted.


  • Study Sponsored by Boston Scientific. 
  • Consulting Agreement with Boston Scientific: Drs. North, Ferro, Leier, Newton and Wilson. 
  • Employees of Boston Scientific: Lilly Chen and Roshini Jain


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