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26th Napa Pain Conference

NPC26-Sa5-A - Mechanisms & Emerging Therapeutic Strategies for Treating Neuropathic Pain

Aug 17, 2019 2:00pm ‐ Aug 17, 2019 3:45pm


Mechanisms & Emerging Therapeutic Strategies for Treating Neuropathic Pain

Target Audience: Clinicians & researchers addressing acute or chronic pain

Learning Objectives

As a result of participating in this activity, learners will be better able to:

  • Apply an improved understanding of the pathophysiology of neuropathic pain to formulate treatment plans
  • Advocate with insurance payers for patient coverage for emerging therapies


Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

Jianguo Cheng, MD, PhD, FIPP

Is Spinal Cord Stimulation an Appropriate Treatment for Chemotherapy-induced Neuropathy?

David J. Copenhaver, MD


Neuropathic pain is characterized by unpleasant symptoms, such as shooting or burning pain, numbness, altered sensation, and sensations that are very difficult to describe.

Although standard analgesics are relatively ineffective in neuropathic pain, treatment with mesenchymal stem cells and spinal cord stimulation demonstrate encouraging potential for clinical application and future research.

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  • Dr. Jianguo Cheng, MD, PhD, FIPP, Professor of Anesthesiology, Cleveland Clinic, Learner Research Institute & Case Western Reserve University
  • Dr. David J. Copenhaver, MD, Division Chief, Pain Medicine, UC Davis Health

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